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Development Services Contact Us

Staff Members

Development Services Main Telephone #: 208-287-7900
Development Services Fax Line #: 208-287-7909

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 Leatherman, Meg  Director  208-287-7900
 Alcala, Becky  Office Administrator  208-287-7935
 Beck, Richard  Deputy Director  208-287-7915
 Bilinski, Kyle  Front Desk Plans Examiner  208-287-7917
 Boal, Jason  Community Planning Manager  208-287-7916
 Bustos, Brianna  Assistant Planner  208-287-7901
 Corcoran, David  Community & Regional Planner  208-287-7944
 Crist, Alison  Planning & Building Specialist  208-287-7908
 Danielson, Brent  Associate Planner  208-287-7913
 Davis, Frank  Surveying & Engineering Technician  208-287-7937
 Elliott, Manny  Building Inspector  208-287-7904
 Ferm, Mark  Building Official  208-287-7910
 Gilbert, Bryan  Plans Examiner II  208-287-5717
 Hastings, Jerry  County Surveyor  208-287-7912
 Inselman, Kristy  Associate Planner  208-287-7998
 Kirk, Zach  County Engineer  208-287-7925
 Lindstrom, Connor  Assistant Planner  208-287-7924
 Mehta-Cooper, Mitra  Strategic Planning Manager  208-287-7950
 Meyers, Dale  Associate County Surveyor  208-287-7938
 Mock, Aron  Building Inspector  208-287-7948
Moore, Brent Community & Regional Planner 208-287-7998
 Pavelka, Benjamin  Permitting Division Supervisor  208-287-7947
 Perfect, Mark  Planning & Zoning Administrator  208-287-7923
Ross, Samuel Associate Planner 208-287-7921
 Sanders, Diana  Associate Planner  208-287-7905
 Smallwood, Glen  Surveying Technician  208-287-7926
 Sisk, John  Building Inspector  208 287-7918
 Tatilian, Samantha  Planning & Building Specialist  208-287-7906
 Waldron, Harry  Surveying & Engineering Technician  208-287-7907
 Woodworth, Kelly  Project Manager  208-287-7945