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About Us

Ada County Elections Mission Statement

Safeguard the public trust by conducting fair and transparent elections that accurately reflect the intent of the electorate.

What We Do

Ada County has the largest elections office in the state of Idaho. We operate and staff 150 precincts on election day to serve 250,000 registered voters.

This office provides the following services to the citizens of Ada County:

  • Administer all Federal, State, County, City and Taxing Districts Elections in Ada County.
  • Maintain the database of all registered voters in Ada County.
  • Provide voter registration.
  • Conduct early voting and vote-by-mail programs.
  • Offer proof of residency.
  • Fill public information requests regarding county registration and elections history.
  • Engage with the public to educate citizens about the voting process in Ada County.

Your Ada County Elections Team:

County Clerk
 Phil McGrane

Elections Director
David Levine

Polling Places
Mitch Lange

Poll Workers
Christopher Alkire

Performance Analyst
Anthony Lock-Smith

Chief Deputy Clerk
Trent Tripple

Office Administrator
JoMeta Spencer

Absentee Voting
Rachel DenHartog

Mapping and Outreach
Lynn Lockhart

Elections Operations Supervisor
James Witkowski

Voter Registration
Shannon Grisso

Warehouse Manager
Gregg Long

Candidate Services
Guillermo Velasco