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Public Hearing Information

COVID-19 Operations

Development Services has been working hard to restore the public hearing functionality of our department amidst COVID-19 restrictions. As such, will begin conducting public hearings and accepting public hearing level applications in May.

Public Hearing Level Applications

We are currently conducting pre-application meetings via WebEx. We are also taking in hearing level applications if the neighborhood meeting was held prior to the March 15th closures. Beginning May 18th, we will start taking in hearing level applications for those who have held their neighborhood meeting since Idaho entered Stage 2 of Governor Little’s reopening plan.

Regarding neighborhood meetings, applicants must follow the current applicable guidelines, which allow for gatherings of less than 10 people and requires practicing social distancing. Applicants can comply with these requirements through staging, layout, or providing a remote attendance option.

Public Hearings

Hearings are currently being conducted via WebEx Video Conference. Only staff will be allowed to attend in public in order to facilitate the meeting. All commissioners and members of the public wishing to testify will be required to participate via WebEx. Members of the public will also have the option to submit written comment and/or watch the hearing via LiveStream instead of testifying live.

To testify via WebEx, you will be required to register and do a test run with one of our planners. Please fill out a registration form, after which our planners will be in touch to walk you through the process and give you the link. You will have until one week prior to the hearing to register.

To see a list of the applications that will be heard at these hearings, please see our legal notices.

Public Hearing WebEx Registration Form

Please see the Ada County web page for updates on county closures and cancellations.

The Board of County Commissioners and Planning & Zoning Commission meet once a month to review development applications. The applications that require a public hearing are Conditional Use permits, Development Agreements, Planned Communities, Subdivisions, Vacations, Variances, Zoning Map or Text Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan Amendments. All other applications are processed internally by our staff.

On this page you will find links to all public hearing documents, including agendas and hearing packets, a schedule of this year’s public hearings, and information about our planning and zoning commission. If you have any questions regarding upcoming hearings or would like to submit comment regarding an application, please contact our office.

2020 Hearing Schedule

Board of County Commissioners

Hearing Date  Backup Hearing Date*
January 8 22
February 12 26
March 11 25
April 8 22
May 6 27
June 10 24
July 15 29
August 12 26
September 9 23
October 14 28
November 10 18
December 9 16

Planning & Zoning Commission

Hearing Date  Backup Hearing Date*
January 9 23
February 13 27
March 12 26
April 9 23
May 14 28
June 11 25
July 16 30
August 13 27
September 10 24
October 15 29
November 12 19
December 10 17

Dates are tentative. Please double check with Development Services staff or check our legal notices to verify. Back up dates are reserved for a second public hearing in the month if required. These hearings will not take place unless circumstances necessitate them.

About the Planning and Zoning Commission

Residence Code when Appointed  Current Residence Code
Date Appointed
Christopher Innes 1 1 1/9/2018
Paul Hilding 2 2 11/12/2019
David Cuoio 2 2 2/27/2018
Brenda Blitman 3 2 4/27/2017
Gwendolyn Drake 3 3 11/12/2019
James Burch 3 3 11/12/2019

Residency Codes:

1 = Inside City Limits

2 = Outside City Limits & Inside Area of City Impact

3 = Outside City Limits & Outside of Area Of City Impact, In Ada County

All are three-year terms (Ada County Code 8-7B-2) and are limited to two terms (I.C. 67-6504).

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