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In relation to the COVID-19 Illness

We are conducting as much business as possible online. Our planners are working through their current applications, but we are not currently able to accept any new land use applications, as the general public is not currently permitted to enter the courthouse. We are working towards a solution for this problem and hope to have that function up and running soon. Our April 8th and 9th Public Hearings have been postponed to May 6th and 14th – see our Public Hearings page for more details. All other external meetings, including the Floodplain Open House and Historic Preservation Council, have been cancelled.

We are currently accepting all staff level planning and zoning applications electronically until normal operations are restored. This includes all applications listed under “Administrative Applications” on our Master Application Checklist. We have begun accepting some public hearing level applications. For information regarding these applications, please see our Public Hearing page.

To submit, please e-mail your application with all relevant paperwork to [email protected]. Please do not include all documents within one attachment.  Include the application, detailed letter, and any other items that are identified on the corresponding checklist as individual files.

Once our Permitting Team receives your application and determines it is complete, they will contact you for payment. Currently only e-checks and credit cards will be accepted. An application will be considered complete and processing will begin after receiving payment.

Please see the Ada County web page for updates on county closures and cancellations.

About Us

The Community Planning division implements, through the development review process, the Ada County, Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Star Comprehensive Plans in effect and the standards of the Ada County Zoning Code. Zoning standards determine how a property can be used and the location of structures.

Our division also works with the Ada County Historic Preservation Council (volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners) to encourage the preservation of historically and culturally significant sites and structures throughout Ada County.


What is the difference between the Community Planning and Strategic Planning divisions?

The Community Planning Division of Ada County Development Services processes land use applications. We rely on the Ada County and Idaho Zoning Ordinances and the Ada County Comprehensive Plans to determine approval or recommendation of approval to our Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of County Commissioners. The Strategic Planning Division works on long range planning by creating the Ada County Comprehensive Plan and other projects such as the Master Facilities Plan and Coordinated Growth Strategy.

What can I do with my property?

Each property has unique opportunities and challenges. For more information regarding what you can do with your property, please call our office at 208-287-7900.

What is the difference between the Ada County Development Services Planning & Zoning Division and ACHD?

The Ada County Highway District’s Traffic Division is responsible for planning, designing and managing efficient traffic flow and traffic safety throughout Ada County. The Ada County Development Services Planning & Zoning Division processes land use applications for properties located in unincorporated Ada County.

Does Ada County Development Services have jurisdiction over the cities within Ada County?

Each city within Ada County has their own planning departments that process land use applications and manage future growth. Their jurisdictions cover all properties that are within city limits. The Ada County Development Services Planning & Zoning Division processes land use applications for properties located in unincorporated Ada County.

Meet the Team

Mark Perfect

Planning and Zoning Administrator


Samuel Ross

Associate Planner


Diana Sanders

Associate Planner


Connor Lindstrom

Assistant Planner


Brent Danielson

Associate Planner, AICP


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