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COVID-19 Operations

We are conducting as much business as possible online. We will continue processing Public Records Requests, Certificates of Occupancy, and doing plan review on already submitted permits. If you have already submitted an application, and just need to submit additional documentation, we have the ability to do this electronically. We will also continue to process public records requests and Certificates of Occupancy.

Starting Thursday, 3/19, we will be accepting building permit applications electronically until normal operations are restored. This includes all permits listed on our Building Division Applications page.  The existing electronic submission process for residential mechanical permits remains unchanged.  

To submit, please e-mail your application with all relevant paperwork to [email protected]. Once our Permitting Team receives your application and determines it is complete, they will contact you for payment. Currently only e-checks and credit cards will be accepted. An application will be considered submitted and processing will begin after receiving payment. Please do not include all documents within one attachment.  Include the application, building plans, and any other information such as engineering or Manual J, D and S’s as individual files.

Due to currently reduced operations, we are still not able to accept new preliminary plats or hearing level land use applications. We are working on a solution for this and hope to have these functions up and running soon.

Please see the Ada County web page for updates on county closures and cancellations.

About Us

The Permitting Division is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. Whether you are a developer, contractor, home owner, or member of the public we strive to make the experience enjoyable.  We will assist you with completing submittal requirements for applications, locating information and any other questions you may have.  We accept all applications submitted to Development Services, process payments, complete Public Record Requests, review building permits for compliance with Dimensional Standards and complete over-the-counter processes for simple additions/shops/remodels/agricultural structures and other projects.


I’m planning on putting a shed on my property, do I need a building permit?

A building permit is not required for sheds that are one story in height, less than 200 square feet and used for storage.  For a full list of exceptions, see BUILDING CODE R105.2.

Can I submit for an application online?

Currently, the only application that may be submitted online is a mechanical application.  All other applications are required to be submitted in person.  We are working towards a customer portal that will allow online submissions for other application types.  The mechanical application may be submitted by emailing a completed application to [email protected] or by filling out a form-fillable pdf (Mechanical Permit Application).

What are my required setbacks?

The setbacks for a property can be found by first determining what the property is zoned.  This can be done by entering the property address on the City and Zoning Lookup Page.  For properties is a Rural Base District (RP, RR, and Rural Residence) the setbacks can be found in Section 8-2A of the Ada County Code. For properties in a Residential Base District (RUT, RSW, R1-R20), setbacks can be found in Section 8-2B of the Ada County Code.

For properties located inside of a subdivision, there may be recorded easements that are greater than the minimum setback.  Call 208-287-7900 if you have any questions.

What other agencies may require permits?

Idaho Division of Building Safety (Electrical and Plumbing Permits) 208-334-3950

Central District Health (Septic Permits) 208-327-7499

Boise Public Works (Sewer Permits) 208-608-7100

Other links/Phone Numbers

There are other jurisdictions you may need to work with in submitting an application. We have linked them below for your convenience.

Benjamin Pavekla Permitting Manager

Benjamin Pavelka

Permitting Manager, ICC Certified Residential Plans Examiner, NICP CPTED Design Professional


Samantha Tatilian Planning and Building Specialist

Samantha Tatilian

Planning and Building Specialist


Alison Crist Planning and Building Specialist

Alison Crist

Planning and Building Specialist, ICC Certified Permit Technician


Kyle Bilinski, Plans Examiner

Kyle Bilinski

Plans Examiner, ICC Certified Residential Plans Examiner & Building Inspector


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