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About Us

Since 1975 the Building Division has been issuing permits as per a variety of building codes.  The Ada County Building Code is the current standard to establish compliance for structural, mechanical, life safety, and accessibility.   Plans Examiners and Building Code Technicians review construction drawings for code compliance and Building Inspectors perform on-site inspections.  This process confirms that buildings and structures in Ada County are sound and in compliance with Fire and Life Safety standards.

Department phone (208) 287-7900

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have building codes been around?

Building codes date back as far as 2000 B.C with the code of Hammurabi. Some of this text can still be found in the Louvre in Paris France. Also, through Nero’s Rome and into the 12th century Europe, in England in the 1600’s and in America, as soon urban life indicated the need. One of the earliest tragedies that led to the development of building codes in America was the 1871 Chicago fire that destroyed 17,000 buildings cost 250 lives and left 100,000 people homeless.

Do we require rebar in footings and foundations? If rebar in footings and foundations is not required, do I need a foundation inspection?

Based on our design criteria rebar is not required unless it is part of an engineered design or a subdivision wide geotechnical report.

Footing inspections are always required. A foundation inspection is not required where rebar is placed above code minimum unless it is on the approved plans, required by an engineer or part of a geotechnical report.

Do we do AM and PM inspection requests?

We do what we can to accommodate AM/PM. However, it is not a guarantee. Inspection are done in accordance with our daily schedule and area the inspector is in throughout the day.

When do I request an inspection?

Inspections need to be requested the day before your inspection is needed and before 4:30 PM via phone and before midnight via email request.  This assures that the inspection will be on the list for the following day.

Can I request an inspection on line?

Can I pour concrete during cold weather?

Yes, if the ground is not frozen.

Meet the Team

Mark Ferm

Building Official, ICC Certified

John Sisk

Building Inspector

Aron Mock

Building Inspector

Bryan Gilbert

Plans Examiner II

Manson Elliott

Building Inspector