In 2010, I celebrated my 35th Anniversary as a prosecutor with the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office. I served as a deputy prosecutor from 1975 until 1977 when I became the Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor. I was first elected as your Ada County Prosecutor in 1982 and have served you in that capacity ever since. I was born and raised in Boise. This is my hometown. I care about the quality of life we enjoy and my staff does its best every day to ensure that our community remains the most desirable place to live.

During the course of my career, I have been a leader in ensuring that victims are treated with dignity and respect throughout the criminal justice process. I established the first Victim-Witness Unit in 1985, which now consists of seven coordinators assisting vulnerable victims impacted by crime. I worked hard to get legislation passed in 1985 and a constitutional amendment passed in 1994 to ensure that crime victims are afforded special rights. In 1986, I created a Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Unit, which consists of elite prosecutors who handle only those cases so that they have time to focus their attention on our most vulnerable victims. In 2003, I created a Domestic Violence Unit whose specially trained prosecutors are dedicated to holding offenders accountable, reducing the incidents of domestic violence in our community, and ending the violence and turmoil families living with domestic violence endure.

More than 144 people staff my Office, which consists of 68 deputy prosecutors. We are busy and we are dedicated to making our community a safe place to live.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Ada County Prosecutor. I am proud of our community and proud of the employees in my Office who have dedicated their lives to serving you.

Thank you.
Greg H. Bower
Ada County Prosecutor

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