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Ada County Courts

Appear in Court Using Your Computer

New Location within Expo Idaho

You can attend court hearings via computers at the Les Bois Park Turf Club at Expo Idaho, located at: 5610 N. Glenwood St., Garden City, Idaho 83714. It is around the corner from the Expo Building, next to the race track.  Face coverings are required, and no children are permitted in the building.

Click on the following link for video instructions on joining a Webex or Zoom Meeting.  Contact the Trial Court Administrator’s Office with any questions: 208-287-7500, or email: [email protected].

Ada County Courthouse Usage

Citizens still have access to the courthouse and can continue to file documents and pleadings at the courthouse. There will be a health screening before you can enter the courthouse, see a copy of the questionnaire here.  Ada County has limited court operations consistent with the Idaho Supreme Court’s Order.

Administrative Orders – Jury Trials Suspended

Jury trials have been suspended until further order of the court consistent with the following Idaho Supreme Court’s December 14, 2020 Order.

Click on the following link to view additional 4th District  Administrative Orders.

Click on the following link for: Jury Information.

DVC Press Release – 10-9-2020

COVID 19 and the Courts – Ada County Domestic Violence Court a Model for Others Across the Nation

Settlement Conferences – Citations

Ada County

The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office is handling Settlement Conferences with defendants in infraction cases by phone. Deputy prosecutors are using telephone numbers provided by the defendant or from the citation to contact the defendant.

Boise City and Meridian City

The Boise City Attorney’s Office has an online resolution portal for infraction cases, please visit citehelp.org to access the portal.  Or, contact the Boise City Attorney’s Office at: [email protected] or 208-608-7950.


Contact the Ada County Clerk’s Office: 208-287-6900, or email: [email protected]. This email is checked daily, although the response may be delayed.

Or, theTrial Court Administrator’s Office: 208-287-7500, or email: [email protected].

Usted Puede Comparecer ante el Tribunal por Computadora!

Lugar nuevo dentro de Expo Idaho

Usted puede comparecer por computadora durante audiencias en Les Bois Park Turf Club en el Expo Idaho, ubicado en la, 5610 N. Glenwood St., Garden City, Idaho 83714. Está a la vuelta de la esquina del edificio de Expo Idaho al lado del hipódromo.  Debe llevar puesta una mascarilla, y no se permite que entren niños al edificio.

Haga clic en el siguiente enlace para encontrar instrucciones por video para unirse a reuniones en Webex o Zoom.  Si tiene preguntas, por favor comuníquese con la Oficina de Administración Judicial llamando al 208-287-7500.

Acceso al Tribunal del Condado de Ada

Los ciudadanos siguen teniendo acceso al tribunal y podrán continuar tramitando documentos y peticiones en el mismo.  Si usted viene al tribunal, le espera una evaluación de salud antes de entrar, aquí puede ver el cuestionario.    Las actividades del tribunal se han limitado hasta nueva orden judicial, según la Orden del Tribunal Supremo de Idaho.

Audiencias de Conciliación – Citaciones

Condado de Ada
La oficina del fiscal del condado de Ada está llevando a cabo por teléfono las audiencias de conciliación con acusados en casos relacionados con infracciones. Los fiscales adjuntos llaman al número de teléfono que ha dado el acusado o al número listado en la citación para comunicarse con dicho acusado.

Ciudad de Boise y Ciudad de Meridian
La oficina de fiscales de la Ciudad de Boise lanzó un portal de resolución en línea para casos relacionados con infracciones. Si quiere comunicarse con un fiscal antes de su próxima audiencia para hablar acerca de su caso o acerca de sus opciones sírvase ir a citehelp.org para entrar al portal. También puede comunicarse con la oficina de fiscales de la Ciudad de Boise por correo electrónico a [email protected] o por teléfono al 208-608-7950.


Si tiene preguntas puede llamar a la Secretaría del Condado de Ada al 208-287-6900. También puede enviar mensajes electrónicos a adac[email protected]. Esta cuenta de mensajes electrónicos se revisa a diario aunque nuestra respuesta puede demorarse.

Además, puede llamar a la Oficina de Administración Judicial al 208-287-7500 o envíe un mensaje electrónico a [email protected].

New Judicial Vacancy District Judge of the Fourth Judicial District.

A new judicial vacancy has been created due to the upcoming retirement of the Honorable Judge Deborah A. Bail, see the attached announcement. For additional information on applying for this position, please visit the following site for the Idaho Judicial Council.


The Magistrates Commission of the Fourth Judicial District is seeking applicants for one position of Attorney Magistrate in Valley County.

Recruitment Schedule

Applicant List – Valley County

Evictions - New Forms for Tenants and Landlords

For evictions initiated between May 4, 2020 and July 25, 2020, the Statement of Landlord Regarding CARES Act Eviction Moratorium form must be filed with each Complaint for Eviction.  For any currently pending eviction action, it must be filed with the court prior to the holding of a hearing in the proceeding.  See the form in the attached Order.

The order also includes an updated Answer form for tenants that includes potential defenses for tenants under the CARES Act.  See the form in the attached Order, or on the Court Assistance Website.


If you are an employee, a juror or member of the public, we ask that you please use the large paved parking lot on the East side of the courthouse.  Additional employee parking is available in paved parking lots located on the West side of the building. All parking lots and structures on this site are owned and operated by Ada County.

Parking Fee: The public receives the first hour of parking at no charge and pays $1.00 for each hour (or portion of each hour) thereafter. Juror parking is paid by the court.

Ada County book and release bond schedule for specific misdemeanor offenses, effective June 1, 2017.