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Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Project Overview

Ada County is updating its Zoning Ordinance!

Ada County is a diverse community with unique development opportunities and challenges. Ada County needs a state of the art, user friendly, and comprehensive update of its Zoning Ordinance to guide future development in a way that implements the Ada County 2025 Comprehensive Plan, properly manages development in the Area of City Impact boundaries of its six cities, and provides a framework that mitigates the impacts associated with growth and development.

Project Timeline and Documents

The Zoning Ordinance Amendment (ZOA) process will take approximately 18 months and will be separated into 3 phases. During each phase, we will engage the public, key stakeholders, County staff, and the County’s ultimate decision makers – the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners. The first phase starts the update process by reviewing the County’s planning policies, comparing them to the current zoning regulations, and creating a blueprint for the new regulations. Based on that framework from phase one, phase two will be the drafting of the code with stakeholder and public review. The final phase consists of tying the code together into a complete package for formal adoption.

Maps and Resources

Advisory Committee

Ada County established a citizen’s advisory committee to provide a sounding board for this project. The committee’s responsibilities are to:

  • Review and offer feedback on the current zoning code
  • Review and offer feedback on draft documents
  • Provide insight and perspective of the group, organization, or community they represent
  • Engage in constructive dialogue with other members of the committee
Advisory Committee Meetings

All meetings are open to the public and will follow Idaho’s Open Meetings Act. These meetings will be conducted virtually via WebEx video conferencing. While all of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee meetings will be open to the public, we will not be opening the floor to public comment during these meetings. They will be livestreamed to the Ada County YouTube account an via Facebook Live for members of the public who are interested in watching. If you would like to ask questions or share comments, you can do so on the Facebook Live.  All agendas will be posted online, as well as all collateral meeting materials.

Meeting 1 – Thursday, February 18, 2021

6:00 PM

In this meeting, we will introduce the Advisory Committee and give them an overview of the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite process.


Powerpoint Presentation

Public Outreach

General Public

It is crucial to Ada County Development staff that this project be a transparent and open public process. As such, we have planned a robust public engagement strategy to engage all stakeholders at each step in this process. Some of the tools we will be using include the following:

Public Engagement
  • Website and social media
    • This website will be consistently updated, or you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get updates as soon as they come out.
  • E-mail lists
    • In the comment form below, you can request to be signed up for e-mail updates. We will utilize this list to notify the public of events, questionnaires, etc.
  • Online questionnaires and text polling
    • Due to COVID-19, we are planning online questionnaires and text polling so you can participate in this process virtually.
    • See the results from our first Public Questionnaire
  • Public open houses and workshops, or small forum “coffee talks”
    • Once public gatherings can resume, we will be preparing public open houses and workshops for our residents to attend and provide feedback.

Jurisdictions, Agencies, and Organizations

Throughout this process, we will be meeting with our partner jurisdictions and agencies, as well as organizations with whom we often do business with, starting with a series of Listening Sessions in Spring 2021. All meetings will be broadcast via Facebook Live, where the public is welcome to watch, ask questions, and make comments.

Wednesday, March 17, 11am-1pm

We met with the following jurisdictions: Garden City, Ada County Parks and Waterways, Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, Idaho Fish and Game, Boise School District, and Valley Regional Transit.


Video Recording

Notes from White & Smith LLC (Consultant on the project)

Notes from Ada County Staff

Thursday, March 18, 3-5pm

We met with the following jurisdictions: Ada Soil and Water Conservation, Boise Fire, Idaho Transportation Department, Ada County Highway District, and Idaho Power.


Video Recording

Notes from White & Smith LLC (Consultant on the project)

Notes from Ada County Staff

Thursday, April 1, 3-5 pm

We met with Caleb Hood from the City of Meridian, who was unable to attend the other listening sessions.

Video Recording (password to view: tPSbsqT2)

Notes from White & Smith LLC (Consultant on the project)

Notes from Ada County Staff

Tuesday, April 6, 10am-12pm

We met with the following jurisdictions: the City of Eagle, the City of Boise, and Eagle Fire.

Video Recording (password to view: ePJX3vq5)

Notes from White & Smith LLC (Consultant on the project)

Notes from Ada County Staff

Wednesday, April 7, 3-5pm

We met with Jace Hellman, Director of Kuna Planning and Zoning, as he was unable to attend the other listening sessions.

Video Recording (password to view: GjFsXhM2)

Notes from White and Smith LLC (Consultant on the project)

Notes from Ada County Staff

Thursday, April 8, 3-5pm

We met with the following organizations: Boise Valley Economic Partnership, Building Contractors Association, Urban Land Institute Idaho, Cartwright Ranch, Dry Creek Ranch, and Avimor.


Video Recording (password to view: Rxh6xcDp)

Notes from White & Smith LLC (Consultant on the project)

Notes from Ada County Staff

Focus Groups

One of our first steps in this process was to identify groups of people who use the Ada County Zoning Ordinance the most. Staff identified the following focus groups:

  • Builders and Fire Code Officials
  • Government Agencies and Service Providers
  • Neighborhood Associations and Housing Authorities
  • Developers
  • Business/Agricultural Entities
  • Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of Ada County Commissioners

As these groups are the most frequent users of the current Zoning Ordinance, and as such, the most familiar with it, we reached out to these groups first to get a better grasp on what works in the current code and what doesn’t. This will help us formulate our outreach strategy to the members of the general public who are not as familiar with the code.

Focus Groups

I still have questions – where can I find more information?

For more information and media inquiries, contact Brianna Bustos at [email protected] or 208-287-7901. You can also submit general comments and questions or subscribe for e-mail updates using the form below.

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