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Guardianship Monitoring Program

GMP Coordinator
Dawn Wickham
Ada County Courthouse
200 W. Front Street Room 4105
Boise, ID 83702
208 287-7652 (phone)
208 287-7649 (fax)

Ada County’s Guardianship Monitoring Program was created in 1995 out of the requirement that the court review and monitor all guardianship and conservatorship cases for compliance with the governing state statutes. Idaho Code Section 15-5-419 requires every conservator or guardian to submit a written annual report on the anniversary date of appointment. This report includes information concerning the status of the ward (the person under legal guardianship) and of the ward’s estate, which has been under the guardian and/or conservator’s management.

Due to the number of legal guardianship cases in Ada County, it became necessary to establish a program that utilizes community volunteers to act as the “eyes and ears” of the court. Our visitors improve accountability as they monitor the care received by our most vulnerable populations which include the elderly, disabled, and minor children. These volunteer Court Visitors receive extensive training that provides them the ability to audit accountings, research case files, visit guardians and their wards, and report back to the court.

Volunteers are trained in areas such as communication skills, interviewing techniques, abuse identification, physical and mental health issues, and community resources. When the court decides a person can’t manage his or her own affairs and places the health, safety and financial security of a vulnerable person in someone else’s hands, the community expects accountability. The court and the community depend upon the Guardianship Monitoring Program to provide that oversight. In the few years of its existence, the program has made huge strides in determining the status of hundreds of people who need the help of a guardian or a conservator. Reports are more timely, action in problem cases is more prompt, and people are better-served thanks to this crucial service. Please call 208-287-7652 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or learning more about the program.

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