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Picture of Anthony Geddes, Chief Public Defender
Anthony Geddes, Chief Public Defender

The Office of the Ada County Public Defender provides legal representation in over 15,000 cases per year for individuals who are not able to afford the services of private counsel.

Led by Anthony R. Geddes, the Office of the Ada County Public Defender employs 60 attorneys, 21 support staff members, six investigators, and one social worker.

The Office uses a team approach to provide the best quality representation to our clients.

Within the pages of this website, you will find information regarding the role, functions, and services of the Public Defender, the history of the office, employment opportunities, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Court Records

Online Court Records, courtesy of the Idaho Supreme Court, are available to provide the status of trial court cases in the state of Idaho.

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Inmate Roster

Online database of current jail inmates is provided courtesy of the Ada County Sheriff. The database is updated daily.

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