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Indigent Services

Welcome to Ada County Indigent Services. We are here to provide temporary assistance to those in our community when other options are not available. If you qualify, we can help you pay for medical expenses, cremation, certain utilities, and rent. As part of Idaho law (Title 31, Chapters 34 & 35 of the Idaho Code), those who receive assistance may be required to reimburse the program – this allows us to continue helping others in our community.

If you are applying for any of our services, please know you will need to meet certain requirements, complete an application, be interviewed by a deputy clerk, and provide information regarding income, assets, expenses and much more. The county then will verify the information and make a formal recommendation to the Ada County Board of Commissioners. Once a medical application is received by the county, a lien is filed on any real and or personal property belonging to the applicant(s)

There is no fee to file an application. Applications, forms, and other information are available on this website.

People waiting for there turn

Ada County Indigent Services
252 E. Front St., Suite 199
Boise, ID 83702

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208-287-7960 Office
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Community Resources

There are many resources available in Ada County such as faith-based groups, civic organizations and local community programs which can help you when you need it most. These resources should be contacted prior to submitting an application to Ada County.

Your First Call
Call 2-1-1 (or 1-800-926-2588) to connect with the Idaho CareLine sponsored by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Operators will do their best to help connect you or someone you know with services available in your community, including free or low-cost health and social services, rent and energy assistance, emergency shelter, child care, food, clothing and more. You’ll find helpful links at

You can also visit the other links below to find additional resources.