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House Arrest Program

The House Arrest program allows participants to complete jail time in their own residence. House Arrest utilizes passive electronic monitoring technology to report the whereabouts of participants. Participants are only allowed to leave their residence to attend probation meetings, court appearances or pre-approved medical appointments, all of which must be pre-approved by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

Eligibility requirements for the House Arrest Program

  • Participants must be court-ordered to “All Options” or “House Arrest”
  • May not be employed or attending school outside of their residence unless court ordered to ‘House Arrest with Work Release’
  • A co-habitant waiver form must be signed by any adult living with the participant
  • Participants will be subject to and must agree to home checks
  • Participants must live within Ada County or have a court order that allows them to live in another county
  • Registered sex offenders are not allowed to participate in the House Arrest program
  • Participants must provide documentation and obtain approval for any medical or court appointments that require them to leave the house