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Forensic Services

Forensic Services

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Lab supports our Police Service Bureau unit — which includes patrol deputies, detectives, and jail staff — and the public by processing crime scenes.

Our team includes forensic scientists and a forensic lab manager. We help investigators by collecting evidence at crime scenes and also performing laboratory testing. That information is then used in the prosecution of criminal cases in court.

Our forensic staff provides lab testing on evidence collected in the following disciplines:

  • Biology screening
  • Fingerprint processing and comparison
  • Drug chemistry
  • Footwear/tire tread analysis

Conditions for Forensic Analysis

The staff of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Lab will determine the following when a case is submitted for scientific analysis:

  • The examination to be performed
  • The scope of analysis
  • The items of evidence to analyze
  • The sampling plan to follow
  • The content of the examination report.

The results of the analysis shall be reported in a simplified way. Information which is not used in the report, such as identification of the method used, is available by contacting the lab.