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Employee Benefits represents a very important component of the total compensation package offered by Ada County.

Ada County offers a very generous, competitive, and comprehensive benefit package designed to provide regular full-time and part-time employees and their families with a wide range of benefit options. The three fundamental roles that characterize benefits (protection programs, paid time-off programs, and enhancement programs) are represented in the benefit package offered by the County.

The Employee Benefits division is focused on meeting the needs of Ada County employees by providing excellent customer service, maintaining a benefit program of high value, and increasing the value of the total compensation package.

Visit Ada County Employee Benefits website for up-to-date benefits information, as well as contact information for any questions.

Pay Schedule

The Sheriff’s Office strives to provide competitive wages to its employees. Commissioned staff, as well as dispatchers, follows a pay plan making it easy to forecast their wage at any given time. The levels across the top (I – V or Base) indicate years in that position; longevity is added at 5 years for patrol and at 10 years for jail positions and dispatchers. For commissioned staff, there are also wage increases for additional POST certificates and/or college credits/degree(regionally accredited schools only).

Patrol Deputy, and Sergeant Positions

911 Dispatcher Positions

Detention Deputy and Sergeant Position