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My Court Date

  • Court Reminder Consent Form Text Notification

    Voluntary Criminal Court Hearing Reminder Program Consent & Notification Form

    Ada County offers a voluntary program to remind you about upcoming court dates by text. The program does not replace the official notification provided by the Court. It is intended to help you remember your court date. Failure to receive this optional reminder, for any reason, does not excuse you from missing your scheduled court date.

    *Civil cases are not available for notifications at this time
  • I understand that I may withdraw my request at any time by providing notice to the Ada County Clerk’s Office. It may take up to seven days to process my withdrawal. I understand that I am required to appear at all court hearings. I agree that participation does not create any liability or responsibility on the part of the Ada County Clerk’s Office, Ada County or any of its departments to provide any notification to me regarding my scheduled court hearings. I have read, understand, and agree to the notice provided above and consent to the notifications by checking the appropriate box.
  • By typing your name you agree to the terms of this form
  • Example: CR01-18-XXXX, CR-MD-2016-XXXX
    If you do not know your case number, please use the Smart Search button or visit:
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