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General FAQ

Explore Ada County’s Question & Answer Guide, and learn about the diversity of services and programs we provide! This is another convenient way to quickly find answers to commonly asked questions, in addition to the information below.

How can I obtain or get a copy of my marriage license, divorce papers, or other county documents like court records or open meeting minutes?

You may obtain these records by filing a Public Records Request. Idaho Code 9-339 allows the public to review or copy public documents. Be as specific as you can in filling out your form before you return it to the appropriate department. Learn more about the public records request forms. For more information call (208) 287-6840.

Can we get married today? How much will it cost?

The Recorder’s Office – where you’ll need to go to obtain a marriage license – has a list of judges you can contact to make an appointment with. You can get married on the same day you obtain a license, or you can contact a judge to reserve a time in the future. A marriage license is $30. The Recorder’s Office only accepts cash. There is an ATM in the building. For more Information check out our Recorder’s Office’s Web page.

How do I file for divorce? How much will it cost?

Visit the Court Assistance Office’s Web site for more information. The Court Assistance Office has videos, brochures and pamphlets, and other valuable resources for people needing assistance in family law cases and other civil court matters.

How do I file a public records request like court records or open meetings?

Idaho Code 9-339 allows the public to review or copy public documents. View different department Public Records Request Forms and instructions on how to submit a Public Records Request.

Where can I find public hearing agendas, daily meeting agendas, and hearing minutes for the Ada County Commissioners?

Public hearing agendas, daily meeting agendas, and official hearing minutes for all public meetings held by the Ada County Board of Commissioners are posted online and can be found on the Ada County Commissioner’s section of this Web site. Our most recent postings can be found on the Agenda page and the Minutes  page.

Where can I find public hearing agendas and minutes for the Planning and Zoning Commission?

Public hearing agendas and official hearing minutes for the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission are posted online and can be found on the Development Services section of this website. View the Agendas and Minutes for the most recent postings. For the list of all scheduled Planning and Zoning hearings, check out our Public Hearing Schedule page.

Does Ada County keep records of birth or death certificates?

No. You’ll need to contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – Bureau of Vital Records and Health statistics (208) 334-5988.

Can I find the name of a specific property owner?

Property ownership information is public information, but because of privacy concerns Ada County does not publish this information online. If you are looking for ownership information on one or two parcels, call the Ada County Assessor’s office at (208) 287-7200. If your research is more extensive, come use the free public access computers at the Assessor’s Office directly East the Ada County Courthouse and Administration Building – 190 W. Front Street, Boise.

I need to pay a speeding ticket or a court fine. Where do I go?

Visit the Ada County Courthouse building at 200 W. Front Street. Clerks working at the counters in Clerk of the Courts can take payments for infractions, payable misdemeanors, and payments for misdemeanor and felony cases with fine agreements.

Who do I talk to about my court date?

You can call the Prosecuting Attorney’s office at (208) 287-7700 for assistance, or visit Fourth Judicial District Court for a list of other phone numbers and information.

How much is it to file a case with Small Claims Court?

Visit Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc., for more information on filing a small claims case.

Where do I go for my bankruptcy court?

Ada County does not deal with bankruptcy court. You’ll need to call (208) 334-1074 – the federal bankruptcy courts office on 720 Park Center.

What's the difference between a protection order and a restraining order?

A protective order is criminally enforceable, meaning the offender can be arrested and charged with a criminal offense for violating the order. But the police cannot arrest someone for violating a restraining order. You must go back to the judge who issued the restraining order to enforce it.

Where do I vote? And where do I register to vote.

Find your polling location. You can download a voter registration card or Idaho allows same-day registration if you are new to the area or have recently moved. Simply bring a photo ID and a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document that shows your name and address.

How do I get an absentee ballot?

Visit Ada County Elections department for more information on absentee ballot.

Where can I find information about Ada County demographics?

Visit About Ada County page for information regarding Ada County demographics and most recent U.S. Census information for Ada County as well as a map of the county and other interesting and useful information.

Where can I find Ada County news releases and community announcements?

Ada County frequently issues news releases as needed. These news releases are posted on the Ada County homepage in the News Releases section.

How much is it to park at the Courthouse?

As of October 1, 2010, parking in the Courthouse Complex is under the authority of the Board of Ada County Commissioners. Commissioners have set the new rates at FREE for the first hour, and $1 per hour thereafter with a $10 max per day.

I want to work for Ada County. How can I apply for a job?

You can subscribe to an email announcing all open Ada County positions.  For more information about working for Ada County, visit the Human Resources web site.

What holidays are county offices closed?

 New Year’s Day  Labor Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  Columbus Day
 President’s Day Veteran’s Day
Independence Day  Christmas Day

The county will recognize a holiday on Friday if that holiday falls on a Saturday. Similarly, should a holiday fall on a Sunday, county offices will be closed on Monday.

Where do I get a beer and wine license?

Visit our Alcohol Beverage License page for information on how to apply for a beer license, and here for a wine license. Licenses are valid for one year. Direct any questions to the Ada County Recorder’s Office: 208-287-6840

Can I renew / get my driver's license at the Courthouse?

No. You have to renew a picture ID or driver’s license at 400 Benjamin Lane in Boise (located near the Boise Towne Square Mall just behind the Milwaukee Street Target Store). For more information, checkout our Driver’s License page. Remember, on average you’ll find the least busy wait times in the mornings Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Can I get a driver's manual at the Courthouse?

Ada County does not carry driver’s manuals at the Courthouse. Instead, visit 400 Benjamin Lane in Boise, or the Idaho Transportation Department.