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Code Enforcement

A Code Enforcement Specialist will investigate written and verbal complaints concerning land use and building code issues in unincorporated Ada County. Substantiated violations are enforced within the limitations of the Ada County Zoning Ordinance, State statutes and the International Building Code.

To Contact a Code Enforcement Specialist:

The Ada County Code Enforcement office is for building, land use, and zoning related issues only. Examples include:

  • Setbacks
  • Construction or remodeling without building permit(s)
  • Conditional use permit violations
  • Nuisance properties
  • Accumulation of junk
  • Accumulation of wrecked vehicles
  • Property uses which create a possible health and/or fire hazard, etc.
  • Home occupation complaints

Ada County Code Enforcement does not enforce code violations within city limits. Please contact the municipal agency directly.

For Violations Within City Limits:

Boise City Code Enforcement – 208 972-8150

Meridian City Code Enforcement: 208 884-5533

Garden City Code Enforcement: 208 472-2930

Kuna City Planning and Zoning: 208 922-5274

Eagle City Planning and Zoning: 208 939-6813

For Complaints related to Animal Issues:

For Criminal Complaints or Emergencies:

  • Ada County Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Number: 208 377-6790
  • Emergency Number: 911

Land Use Enforcement Process

Land use violations outside city limits are investigated by the County Code Enforcement Specialist, who is overseen by the Planning and Zoning Administrator in the Development Services Department. Complaints are resolved through the following process or steps:

  • Filing a Complaint: Residents living in unincorporated Ada County may file a complaint either verbally, in writing by mail. The complaining party must identify the property owner, location of the property by address and a brief description of the ordinance violation. The complaining party will remain anonymous.
  • Investigation: A Code Enforcement Specialist will investigate the complaint to verify any alleged violations and may contact the complaining party for additional information, and may visit the site and take pictures of the site.
  • Violation Identified: If a Code Enforcement Specialist confirms that a violation exists on the subject property, the owner of that property will be notified in writing and given an opportunity to cure the violation within a specified time frame.
  • Failure to Respond: Property owners failing to cure violations within the allotted time frame may be subject to court action through civil, District Court proceedings.
  • Court Action: If the owner of the property fails to cure the violation within the allotted time, the case will be forwarded to the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney for litigation which will involve notification from the Prosecutor, and prosecution through civil court that can include fines, fees and penalties and in some instances incarceration. Court costs for civil proceedings may be assessed against the owner of the subject property.

County Code Enforcement Does NOT Enforce:

  • Any violation within city limits: Contact the City of Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian or Star
  • Criminal activity complaints: Contact the Ada County Sheriff at 208 377-6790
  • Animal neglect violations or animal-related complaints: 208 577-3340
  • Parking or traffic-related complaints: Contact your city police or Ada County Sheriff at 208 377-6790
  • Weed or pest problems or complaints: Contact Ada County Weed and Pest Control at 208 577-4646
  • Subdivision Codes, covenants, and restrictions: Contact your Home Owner’s Association
  • Snow removal complaints: Contact ACHD at 208 387-6170
  • Fence disputes: Contact your Home Owner’s Association