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So often, the first thing anyone in crisis does is call – or text – 911. No response after that is possible without an Ada County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher on the other end.

Law enforcement, fire crews, paramedics – none can exist efficiently without the communications system and support from our dispatchers, who support 12 different public safety agencies in Ada County.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office 911 Emergency Dispatch Center, located in Meridian, handles all public calls for service and coordinates all police, fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) movement within Ada County.

That means we take all 911 and non-emergency calls (and text messages) for the four law enforcement agencies, six fire departments, and paramedics who serve Ada County. We then coordinate how those agencies will respond to a call —sending the right amount of resources to the right place at the right time.

911 Dispatch Center worker standing in front of her desk

Dispatch Responsibilities

  • We answered 141,658 911 calls in 2020, along with another 235,673 non-emergency calls for service.
  • Most of our phone calls are answered and the issue is taken care of in less than 90 seconds.
  • Our dispatchers answer about 1100 phone calls every day and can make up to 100 outgoing calls, which include calls back to every 911 hang up.
  • Ada County added text-to-911 service in 2018. Residents are now able to send a text to 911 – but we encourage everyone to call 911 instead of sending a text if possible. Our dispatchers received 349 text messages to 911 in 2020.
  • The issue is our dispatchers need to know exactly where the emergency is happening, so they can send resources – police, fire, EMS – to where help is needed.
  • Our dispatchers receive extensive training including CPR certification, emergency medical, police, and fire training.
  • Whether you call in to report a traffic crash with injuries, smoke coming from a neighborhood house, a violent fight, or an illegally-parked car, we are on the other end of the line.
  • Dispatchers are trained to help people in a myriad of situations until help can arrive. They are life-savers, facilitators, and directors.
  • We are here when you need us – every second of every day. We are 208 377-6790.  We are 9-1-1.

The Ada County 911 Communications Center Dispatch