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Patrol Deputy

Patrol Deputy recruitment generally occurs twice a year or as needed. Testing, screening, scenarios/exercises, and oral board interviews are conducted to form an eligibility/hiring pool.

Career Opportunities/Collateral Duties within the Police Services Bureau:

SWAT Team Juvenile Detective Firearms Instructor Marine Patrol
K-9 Unit Honor Guard Crisis Negotiations School Resource Officer
Bomb Team Major Crimes Gang Unit Narcotics Detective
Dive Team Traffic Enforcement Civil Section Training Officer

And many more!

Advancement Opportunities

Deputies are able to compete for the rank of sergeant when they reach Level IV status (usually after four years of service) and have their Idaho Intermediate POST certification. The selection process typically includes written examinations, and professional assessment, and an oral board interview.
Sergeants are able to compete for the rank of lieutenant after being a sergeant for two years and have their Idaho Advanced POST certification. The selection process includes a peer evaluation, planning exercise, and presentations.

Lateral Transfer Wage Information

While the selection process is the same for non-certified applicants, those transferring from other law enforcement agencies may receive a higher wage upon employment. View our wages plan.

  • Level II = Currently POST certified with two years full-time field experience as a certified Peace Officer.
  • Level III = Current Idaho Advanced POST certificate or equivalent OR five years of full-time field experience as a certified Peace Officer.

Challenging the Basic Patrol Academy (Out-Of-State Candidates)

Any peace officer gaining employment with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office who, within the last five years, has been employed and certified or commissioned by another state or the federal government as a peace officer or student who has satisfactorily completed a Basic Police Academy equivalent of the Idaho POST Basic Patrol Academy within the last three years will be eligible for certification in the state of Idaho without attending the Basic Patrol Academy, provided the officer:

  • Submits a POST Certification Patrol Challenge Packet to POST Council, which must include copies of POST training records from other states.
  • Attends an approved course of study in Idaho law and passes the POST law exam.
  • Passes the POST certification exam, firearms qualification course, and the physical fitness test.
  • Completes a six month probationary period with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.