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Privacy Policy

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office understands the importance of the user’s privacy and will make attempts to ensure that personal information transferred from the user through our web site to us will remain confidential and private. We do not make any guarantees as to such. We will not sell or give any information to third parties. All information gathered from the user is used strictly for the purpose of law enforcement. Information gathered may be used in the prosecution of criminals and then may be used in a further investigation.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office’s web site collects non-identifying information such as access dates, IP addresses and pages accessed as well as other data. This information will not be released unless ordered to by a court of law, for criminal investigative purposes or per Idaho Public Record Law 74-102. However, should abuse to the system be reported, this information may be used for criminal investigations purposes.

Social Media Privacy Policy

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office maintains several social media channels to provide people who live and work in our communities and others with an interest in the Ada County Sheriff’s Office access to information about our agency.

Once you click a link that takes you to an outside website, you are subject to the privacy policy of that outside web site.

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