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Ada County Homeland Security Grant Request Guide

Only members of the Ada City-County Emergency Management (ACCEM) Executive Council, the Ada County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and affiliated community partners are eligible for grant funding consideration.

All grant requests for equipment, planning, training and exercises will need to follow the three-step process outlined below.

Step 1. Complete and Submit Grant Project Application (GPA) Form

Step 2. Sign and Return the Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement

Step 3. Complete and Submit Equipment Approval Number (EAN) Form

Complete and Submit Grant Project Application (GPA) Form

(See below for applicable attached documents)

The Ada County Grant Project Application (GPA) is required by the Ada County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and designed to meet federal guidelines for the expenditure of homeland security grant funds. As such, all areas of the form must be completed.

Many of the required fields contain drop-down boxes or links to assist completion.  All requests must include what core capability is being improved/sustained in relation to the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA).  Links to the core capability definitions are in the GPA form. Equipment purchases must include an Authorized Equipment List (AEL) Number.

Review FEMA Grant Programs Directorate Information Bulletin No. 426 in reference to “controlled” and “prohibited” equipment.  If you have questions about a specific piece of equipment contact Ada County Emergency Management & Community Resilience directly.

For Core Capability and Core Capability Target questions or assistance contact: Joe Lombardo.

When you have completed the GPA, click “send” on the form or email PDF attachment to Sue Axtman or  Joe Lombardo.

Your GPA will be reviewed. Upon confirmation of approval, Step 2 can begin.

Sign and Return the Subrecipient/Beneficiary Grant Agreement

All beneficiaries will be required to sign a Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement with Ada County.  The primary purpose of the Agreement is to confirm all parties understand the inventory, maintenance and disposition requirements of equipment purchased with federal homeland security grant funds.

Only one Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement is required of each jurisdiction (i.e. city, fire district, highway district, etc.) and will cover all departments/agencies within that jurisdiction.  The Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement will remain in effect until the end of the fiscal year (September 30th).

Contact Ada County Emergency Management & Community Resilience (ACEM) for the most recent version of the Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement and related Attachments.

When you receive the Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement please have the chief elected official of the jurisdiction or district sign two originals.  After they are signed return both originals to ACEM.

ACEM will then place the Agreement on the BOCC Open Business Meeting Agenda to be signed.

Once signed, an original will be delivered back to the submitting jurisdiction.

Then Step 3 can begin.

Equipment Approval Number (EAN) Process

(See bottom of page for applicable attached documents)

Wait for Grant Project Application (GPA) approval and the fully executed Subrecipient/Beneficiary Agreement before proceeding with Equipment Approval Number (EAN) paperwork.

1. Obtain Quote(s) from vendor.  Depending on what you are purchasing, the quote should include scope of work, bill of materials, warranty info, training, performance, etc.  Ensure the quote has ALL charges included, i.e. shipping, installation, etc.  Any expenses above the Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) approved EAN amount will be the jurisdiction’s responsibility.  IMPORTANT: Follow all of your jurisdictional purchasing rules and regulations. 

2. Make sure the vendor you want to purchase from is not on the U.S. Debarment List.  That information can be found at the System for Award Management (SAM) See attached debarment instructions for assistance.

3. Once you are comfortable that the vendor is eligible to receive grant funds, enter your agency information in block 5 “Sold to/Ship to” and your Vendor’s information in block 6 “Vendor.”  The purchase will be handled as a ship to you, bill to the Idaho Military Division State Homeland Security Program, no money changes hands.  When you receive the bill or invoice forward it to ACEM to present to the Idaho Military Division for payment. 

4. Please enter the Authorized Equipment List (AEL) number in block 7a, NIMS Resourcing Category in block 7b, NIMS Type in block 7c and items to be purchased in block 7d, f and g of the EAN form.

5. Determine if your project complies with Environmental and Historic Preservation regulations.  If in doubt call Emergency Management and discuss.  See attached Environmental & Historic Preservation (EHP) Screening Form (must be used for any project that involves construction, moving dirt, or attaching something to a building or structure).

6. Create an agency/jurisdictional Purchase Order (PO).  The PO should be signed by an agency representative.  We also recommend your auditor receive a copy to assist them with their asset tracking and single audit at the end of the year.  Your PO will not be processed; it is required by IOEM to assure them you are requesting the equipment.

7. Complete the Ada County EAN Certification Sheet.

8. Send the PO, Quote, EAN, and signed EAN Certification Sheet to ACEM: Sue Axtman.  Please title your EAN with your agency name and brief description of the item (i.e. EAN ACSO – Radios).

9. ACEM will confirm EAN preparation, fill-in blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4, then submit your EAN form, PO and Quote to IOEM for approval.

10. IOEM will review the equipment request, and approve it by sending ACEM an email with the EAN # and ERID #.  ACEM will forward the email to you.  You will then enter the EAN # in the top left hand block of the EAN form and the ERID # in block 7e.  This completed EAN form now becomes the purchase order for your vendor and is your “green light” to proceed/purchase/sign the contract etc.

Please Note:  You are not authorized to purchase grant funded equipment on this EAN until ACEM forwards you the IOEM approved EAN # and ERID # email.

When your equipment arrives:

11. Complete Receiving Information (Block 8) on the EAN. Document the ID #s, Serial #s, or Vin #s, etc. Complete Verification of Receipt (Block 9c) partial or complete, sign and date. Return completed EAN and vendor invoice if available promptly to Sue Axtman or fax to 577-4759.

12. Affix Homeland Security Sticker on equipment per Grant Guidelines.

13. IOEM will then match your signed EAN to the vendor invoice before payment will be made.

REMEMBER – All purchases must be pre-approved by IOEM via the EAN form.  The grant can’t be used to reimburse anything.

If you need assistance or have questions call Emergency Management at 577-4750.