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About Us FAQ

How can I adjust the text size of your web pages?

Do you provide preparedness brochures?

Do you give preparedness presentations to the public? Is there a fee?

What kinds of hazards do we face here in Ada County?

How will the public be warned of emergencies?

  • KBSU (FM) 90.3
  • KBSM (FM) 91.7
  • KBSX (FM) 91.5
  • KBOI (AM) 670

In addition, the public may sign up to be notified by cell phone of certain emergency situations by signing up for CodeRED Emergency Alerts.

How can I find out about floodplain maps or if I'm in the floodplain?

  • Ada County: 208-287-7900
  • Boise: 208-384-3925
  • Eagle: 208-939-0227
  • Garden City: 208-472-2921
  • Kuna: 208-922-5274
  • Meridian: 208-489-0383
  • Star: 208-286-7247
  • Idaho Floodplain Coordinator: 208-287-4800

What is the 100-year flood?

Where can I get sand and sandbags?

Are there designated shelters for the public to use in emergencies?

How can I determine if my house has radon gas?

Call the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality at: 800 445-8647; or contact the US Environmental Protection Agency at: 866 730-GREEN, or go to www.epa.gov/radon.