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About Us FAQ

How can I adjust the text size of your web pages?

Do you provide preparedness brochures?

Do you give preparedness presentations to the public? Is there a fee?

What kinds of hazards do we face here in Ada County?

How will the public be warned of emergencies?

  • KBSU (FM) 90.3
  • KBSM (FM) 91.7
  • KBSX (FM) 91.5
  • KBOI (AM) 670

In addition, the public may sign up to be notified by cell phone of certain emergency situations by signing up for the Idaho State Alert and Warning System at: www.isaws.org

How can I find out about floodplain maps or if I'm in the floodplain?

  • Ada County: 208-287-7900
  • Boise: 208-384-3925
  • Eagle: 208-939-0227
  • Garden City: 208-472-2921
  • Kuna: 208-922-5274
  • Meridian: 208-489-0383
  • Star: 208-286-7247
  • Idaho Floodplain Coordinator: 208-287-4800

What is the 100-year flood?

Where can I get sand and sandbags?

Are there designated shelters for the public to use in emergencies?

How can I determine if my house has radon gas?

Call the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality at: 800 445-8647; or contact the US Environmental Protection Agency at: 866 730-GREEN, or go to www.epa.gov/radon.