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April Is County Government Month

Counties across the U.S. including Ada County highlight services provided to residents  


BOISE – Counties are one of the oldest forms of government in our country. Every April, counties across the country and here in Idaho, take time to recognize the important services provided to residents by county government. From public safety to the courts, counties touch the lives of residents in a multitude of ways. In Idaho, county government is part of the Idaho Constitution and the services provided are statutorily required by the Idaho Legislature.

In Ada County, the state’s most populous county, the diverse services provided include elections, the court system, emergency management, EMS, operating the landfill, providing mosquito abatement and pest removal services, community planning and development as well as EXPO Idaho and Ada County Parks & Waterways – to name a few.

Counties in Idaho are governed by locally elected officials who take on the task of ensuring that services to the public are delivered in a transparent and cost-effective manner. The Board of County Commissioners has an array of responsibilities to local constituents including conducting jail inspections every quarter and approving the county budget.

Click below to hear Ada County Commissioners share their individual views on why County Government Month is important: