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Board of Community Guardians Volunteer Needed


September 19, 2018

Contact: Kate McGwire
Public Information Officer


Seeking Volunteer for Board of Community Guardians

(Boise, ID) – The Board of Ada County Commissioners is seeking an individual interested in serving on the Ada County Board of Community Guardians. 

The seven-member Board of Community Guardians works to actively recruit and monitor volunteers interested in becoming court-appointed Community Guardians.  The Board of Community Guardians meets the second Thursday of each month to perform the duties and functions listed in the board’s by-laws. 

A court appointed Guardian acts as a surrogate decision-maker in personal matters for individuals who cannot make decisions for themselves because of mental and/or physical impairments or disabilities.  In most cases, court-appointed Guardians are family members or friends of the person needing assistance.  However, for indigent individuals who do not have family or friends willing or capable of performing Guardian duties, the court will appoint a volunteer from Ada County’s Community Guardian program. 

Ada County receives referrals to the Board of Community Guardians, and the board reviews each application to determine whether the applicant meets the criteria needed for indigent oversight.  The case is then turned over to a Guardian, who ensures their clients have basic necessities such as: clean clothes, food, access to transportation, adequate medical care, and a safe place to live.  Volunteers appointed to serve on the Ada County Board of Community Guardians will oversee the services Guardians provide, and will be tasked with actively recruiting additional Guardians into the program. 

Individuals interested in serving on this board are asked to complete a volunteer board application, available at the Ada County Commissioners’ Office (listed above) or online https://adacounty.id.gov/Commissioners/Volunteer-Board-Information-Applications

Completed applications may be delivered to the Commissioners’ Office at the address above, sent via fax to 208-287-7009, or e-mailed to [email protected].  Please call 208-287-7000 for additional information.  This position will remain open until filled.