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Boise man believed to have drowned in Lucky Peak Reservoir

After three days of searching for a Boise man who fell off a boat in Lucky Peak reservoir, detectives feel certain he failed to make it to shore and has drowned.

Friends of Christian Vernon Dale, 21, reported the man had fallen off a moving boat Sunday night around 9:00. There were nine other people on-board when it happened. They told deputies they had been on the water most of the day and were on their way to the boat ramp at Barclay Bay when a hat flew out of the boat near Gooseneck Bay. When the driver of the boat turned to go retrieve the hat, Dale fell off the bow where he had been sitting.

The witnesses immediately searched for Dale but did not see him, so they drove to the Spring Shores marina to call for help. Ada County Sheriff’s marine patrol deputies responded to search the water. A helicopter searched the entire reservoir and all shorelines with infrared technology in case the 21-year-old had been able to swim to shore and get out of the water.

Dale has not been seen since the moment he fell overboard. Deputies have used sonar equipment to search the water and an unmanned aerial vehicle to search from above. Water movement and depth have made the search challenging.
The reservoir is about 105 feet deep in the area where Dale went into the water.

The other nine people on the boat when Dale fell over and the man’s family members have cooperated fully with deputies and helped in the search. Given the amount of time the 21-year-old has been missing, deputies believe he drowned. They consider the search a recovery effort.

Any time a person is missing and unaccounted for, detectives begin an investigation to determine exactly what happened. There is no information or evidence at this time to suggest foul play. Dale was not wearing a lifejacket.

Anyone who is at Lucky Peak reservoir and sees anything suspicious is asked to call Ada County Dispatch at 208-377-6790.