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Petition to Dissolve Meridian Library District

BOISE – A group of Ada County residents called Concerned Citizens of Meridian has filed a petition
asking the Ada County Board of Commissioners to dissolve the Meridian Library District (MLD). The
petition centers on books the group considers offensive that are available to children at the Meridian
Library District.

“We are reviewing the petition we received late last week and will work with the Clerk’s Office and
Prosecutor’s Office to ensure that the Board follows the required next steps set forth in Title 33, Chapter
27, Idaho Code,” said the Ada County Board of Commissioners. According to state law, a library district
(“district”) may be dissolved according to procedures followed in its original organization found at Idaho
Code § 33-2704.

Below is an overview of the dissolution process:

a. A petition must be filed with the Board’s clerk and presented to the Board.
b. A petition requires at least 50 verified signatures.
c. A hearing must then be held not less than three but not more than six weeks.
d. The Board must send notice two weeks before the hearing through a newspaper.
e. The Board must send notice to the governing board of the library district.
f. The hearing procedure is found in Chapter 14 of Ada County’s Ordinances.
g. The Board must issue an order ten days following the hearing.
h. The Board may or may not direct the clerk to hold an election.
i. If dissolution is approved, the Board must then dispose of the district’s property.

Should a dissolution occur, all property and assets of the library district shall be disposed of by the Ada County
Board of Commissioners. Any indebtedness must first be retired. Any remainder will be placed in the
county general expense fund.

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Petition for Dissolution of Meridian Library District