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Fireworks Prohibition in Effect for Certain Areas of Unincorporated Ada County

The Board of Ada County Commissioners (BOCC) has adopted a fireworks prohibition for certain unincorporated areas of the county. The resolution was approved by Board Chairman Rod Beck and Commissioner Kendra Kenyon with Commissioner Ryan Davidson voting against the prohibition.

“The 4th of July is an important holiday to celebrate our Independence in this country, but we must do so responsibly in a way that doesn’t threaten homes or put anyone’s life in jeopardy,” said Board Chairman Rod Beck. “This prohibition happens every year, and while it’s not new, we realize that we have many new residents who may not be aware of the dangers involved.”

Many areas of Unincorporated Ada County are vulnerable to disastrous consequences from prohibited fireworks. “Last year’s Goose Creek fire, which was caused by illegal fireworks, burned more than 400 acres of landfill property dangerously close to our onsite powerplant,” said Ada County Commissioner Kendra Kenyon. “This is the area where all collected landfill gas is consolidated for use in power generation. With how much rain we have recently had, there is much more vegetation that can burn.” As temperatures continue to rise as we get closer to the 4th, the danger from a fire only increases.

The original ordinance prohibiting fireworks in some unincorporated areas of Ada County was passed in 2010. Resolutions continuing the ban have been signed by the board each year since. Any person in violation of the ban could be charged with a misdemeanor.