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Landfill Projects

During FY-2014 the Ada County Landfill had a Waste Stream Analysis Performed for the waste that was being deposited into the North Ravine Cell. Part of the purpose of the analysis was to determine suggestions for waste reduction practices in Ada County. Read the full report here.

During the course of FY 2013 the Ada County Landfill has embarked on and/or completed these projects.

  • One major project included the installation of horizontal pipes in the existing Hidden Hollow Cell. These pipes will be used to extract landfill gas from the landfill that will ultimately be used to power homes. To help with this endeavor the crew received training in pipe fusions.
  • A scrubber will be added to the gas extraction system that will reduce the impurities of the extracted gas to make it a more marketable commodity.
    Learn More:   Download a pdf of the “Ada County Landfill Gas Scrubber – Project Profile
  • Ada County has been managing the County’s municipal solid waste at the landfill since 1972. The majority of the waste has been deposited in the Hidden Hollow Cell. As the Hidden Hollow cell nears capacity, the County has started the process of installing its cap.   Download a pdf of the “Ada County Landfill: Hidden Hollow Cap: Stage 2 – Project Profile
  •  Every day the crew at the Landfill maintains and repairs the vehicles, environmental and operational equipment, and systems.


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Project Profile: Ada County Landfill Gas Scrubber
Project Profile: Ada County Landfill: Hidden Hollow Cap: Stage 2
Digging gas wells

The landfill drilling project started on March 6th, 2019. There will be a total of 77 wells to drill and so far, 16 have been completed.


These are Landfill gas wells, once drilled they set the well with 6” perforated PVC pipe then backfill with drain rock and silty soil.  We will then hook these wells to our vacuum system to extract the gas.  These wells will better help us control the landfill gas and odors.  Project will last most of the summer.