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Plans, Reports & Projects


The plans that Ada County Landfill has published encourage public interaction and transparency. Ada County Landfill encourages the public to utilize the plans here to assist with the function of the landfill.

Public Hearing Presentation January 22, 2020


In an effort for complete transparency the Ada County Landfill publishes annual reports detailing the amount of waste that is taken in, the amount of money brought in and spent and the operations of the landfill. If you have any questions about the fiscal year-end reports contact the Ada County Landfill at (208) 577-4725 or [email protected].

Ada County Landfill COSS Report


Every year the Ada County Landfill staff embark on different projects to increase the efficacy of operations, and environmental systems for the Landfill. These projects are added to the daily operations of the landfill.


Waste Stream Analysis

The Ada County Landfill surveys waste that is disposed of. The most recent study, completed in 2020 is available for review HERE