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Landfill Operations

Staffing and Divisions

To accomplish its responsibilities, goals, and mission, the department consists of three divisions identified by their primary objectives. The three divisions are Solid Waste Division, Hazardous Waste Division, and Environmental Division. Although the department divisions define the division of labor, the three divisions are closely allied and coordinated to achieve the common objectives of environmentally and fiscally sound management of Ada County’s municipal solid waste management system.

Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division oversees the daily operation and landfill activities. This division works directly with the onsite contractors in the daily receipt, placement and cover of the waste into the landfill or through the wood-waste recycling area.

Environmental Waste Division

The Environmental Waste Division oversees operation and maintenance of the landfill gas extraction system, leachate collection and control systems, and other environmental facilities located at the Hidden Hollow Sanitary Landfill. This division is also responsible for creating reports regarding systems function and operation.

Hazardous Waste Division

The Hazardous Waste Division oversees operation and maintenance of the County’s hazardous materials collection program. This position works with the municipalities in the County to provide a seamless program for proper disposal of household hazardous wastes.

The Ada County Landfill functions under Ada County’s government. As such, the Landfill Deputy Director reports to the Director of Ada County Operations. All daily operational decisions are under the discretion of the Operations Director. Long-term plans for the landfill are discussed with and approved by the Board of Ada County Commissioner.