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Landfill Safety

Rules for Everyone

Traffic Safety is a part of everyday life at the landfill. There are private vehicles, commercial haulers, county vehicles, and various types of heavy equipment that are running on landfill roads. To ease traffic congestion and to maintain safety there are signs strategically placed throughout the landfill campus. Following these signs ensures vehicular safety.

Securing your load is another important part of vehicular safety. With an improperly secured load, there is a probability of losing some or part of, your load. When loads are unsecured debris is left on the road, keeping your waste from its ultimate destination at the landfill, littering the roads and polluting Ada County’s environment.

Ada County Employees are present in all areas of the landfill. Their primary function is to ensure the safety of all customers and contractors who use the landfill. All patrons must follow the directive of the Ada County employees.

Rules for Customers

In addition to vehicle safety on landfill property, there are other rules that are critical to the efficacy and safety of the landfill.

Small children and pets are welcome at the landfill, however, it is imperative that they remain in the vehicle and not exit for any reason while unloading waste.

Scavenging is strictly prohibited at the Ada County Landfill. Scavenging can include but is not limited to: removing any item that is put into the landfill; removing any item from the recycling areas; removing items from the Household Hazardous Waste Facility that is not on the recycling shelf; removing any item that is the property of or part of the Ada County Landfill.

Rules for Contractors

Safety gear is to be worn at all times, including appropriate footwear and bright safety vests with reflective tape.

Contractor drivers are to obey posted signs and Landfill personnel at all times.

Safety is the top priority of the Ada County Landfill. To ensure that everyone is able to use the landfill there are rules and regulations that the Board of Ada County Commissioners have put into place.

The rules and regulations of the Ada County Landfill are in place to ensure that the landfill is open to everyone who needs to dispose of their wastes and hazardous materials.