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How Much Does it Cost

Effective October 1, 2014

The Board of Ada County Commissioners sets disposal fees for the Ada County Landfill. Only waste generated in Ada County is acceptable for disposal at the Ada County Landfill.

The fee is determined by several different criteria.

First, it must be determined if you are a commercial customer or a non-commercial customer:

Non-Commercial Customers
  • Those who are coming to the landfill for personal reasons
  • Loads assessed by weight
Commercial Customers
  • Those who come to the landfill representing a business
  • Loads assessed by measured volume

Both types of customers can anticipate a minimum charge of $11 for every load of waste.

Secondly, the rate is determined by the type of waste that is being left. To further determine the costs for utilizing the Ada County Landfill follow the appropriate link for the type of customer you are:

Checks, cash and credit/debit cards (we do not accept American Express) ARE accepted at the Ada County Landfill

For more information, please call the Ada County Landfill at (208) 577-4725 or e-mail:

Tipping fees are assessed because the Ada County Landfill is a County ‘Enterprise Fund’, no tax dollars are used for support, maintenance, or operation of the department, the landfill, or the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program.

Due to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions, all landfill waste must be accepted by weight rather than volume. ALL waste coming into the Ada County Landfill will be weighed using truck scales. Vehicles will drive over these scales, so the weight of their load can be calculated.