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Ada County has a long-standing Commitment to energy efficiency. As an ENERGY STAR partner and member of the US Green Building Council, Ada County has been a local leader in implementing strategic plans for energy and resource use and Serves as an example for others to learn about how to efficiently build, maintain, and Operate commercial facilities.

By providing public access to building case studies, energy plans, and various presentations through the website, we can share that valuable information obtained from years of experience.

Building tours are also a great opportunity to educate people about high-performance, sustainable buildings. Tours can include some of the exterior elements such as for the stormwater-drainage system or the exterior maintenance program. Inside the building, we point out seemingly insignificant items such as floor mats and explain how they actually serve the indoor air quality program by reducing particulates brought into the building.

Ada County is proud to share our behind-the-scenes programs that make our facilities such a comfortable place for our employees to work and the public to Visit. The Operations Department has an open-door policy and we invite all interested parties to review and comment on any of our building processes and procedures.