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Courthouse & Admin Building

Building Information

High-Performance Green Building

Location: 200 W Front St., Boise, ID 83702
Size: 356,334 sq. ft.
Completion Date: January 2002
Telephone: 208 287-7070

Type: Courthouse
Utilities: Idaho Power and Intermountain Gas

LEED-EB Rating out of 76
Silver 37
Sustainable Sites 10/16
Water Efficiency 1/5
Materials 6/10
Indoor Environmental Quality 8/18
Innovation & Design 2/5
1. Site Selection 9. Building Commissioning 17. Resource Reuse
2. Urban Redevelopment 10. CFC Reduction in HVAC Equipment 18. Local/Regional Materials
3. Public Transportation 11. Optimized Energy Performance 19. Construction Waste Management
4. Bicycle Friendly 12. Renewable Energy 20.  Indoor Air Quality Plan
5. Carpool Preferred Parking 13. Preventative Maintenance Program 21. Green Housekeeping
6. Stormwater Management 14. Maximize Water Efficiency 22. Low Impact Pest Mgmt Program
7. Light Pollution Reduction 15. Low Mercury Lamps 23. Education Program – Bldg Tours
8. Exterior Maintenance Plan 16. Storage and Collection of Recyclables
Administrative Services Human Resources Public Defenders
Clerk/Auditor/Recorder Information Technology Purchasing
Commissioners Jury Commission Risk Management
Court Reporters Marshalls Training
Development Services Operations Treasurer
Drug Court Organizational Development Trial Court Administrator
Family Court Prosecuting Attorneys

In 2008, two departments moved out of the Courthouse and into the Civic Plaza building located due east of the Courthouse:

Assessors Office (including Vehicle Licensing and Registration) is now located at 252 E Front Street, Suite 199.

Indigent Services (formerly Welfare) is now located at 190 E Front Street, Suite 107
For general information: 208-287-7070

The Ada County Courthouse and Administration building is a five-story, 356,300 square foot building located at 200 West Front Street in Boise, Idaho. Construction of the facility began in January 2000 with occupancy in January 2002. It is a multi-purpose facility with offices and meeting rooms for County Commissioners and County employees in various administrative departments, as well as space for County court-related functions.

Offices and departments located in this building are:

  Ada County Operations Design Team General Contractor Commissioning Agent
Dave Logan, Director Lombard Conrad Architects Washington Group CH2M Hill