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Career Opportunities

This is a dynamic office comprised of seasoned professional prosecutors as well as attorneys in their first years of practice.   Additionally, we have critical support staff including legal assistants, restitution coordinators, victim advocates, investigators, and other positions that contribute to our objectives to prosecute crime, prevent crime, and protect and support victims.

Our office provides career paths to individuals with a wide range of backgrounds.  We have assembled a group of talented, motivated individuals who are fair and committed to ensuring justice is served and our civil clients are well represented.  Joining our office means you become part of a vocation dedicated to excellence, professionalism and integrity as we work together with our law enforcement partners to keep our community safe.

There are a number of opportunities within our office.  Thank you for exploring your future with our office.

Chief Deputy Shawna Dunn stands in front of the Ada County Courthouse
Shawna Dunn, Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor


Do these words ring true to you?
High standards Fast paced work
Integrity Individual & team work
Excellent educational & work history Diverse workload
The ideal candidate cares about the work they do, the impact of their work on the community, and are focused on a mission that benefits the safety of those who live, work and visit our community.

It is important to our office that we hire and employ only those whose conduct, character, and behavior do not discredit our office and the public safety work we do.   The hiring process includes a thorough review of the work history and overall background of every candidate for employment.   Our standards are very high and applicants should expect to be truthful with all information presented during the hiring process.

Ada County has a very competitive total compensation package including benefits you may not find elsewhere, including matching contributions (up to 3%) to a deferred compensation plan.  Ada County considers all stages of your career to attract, engage, and retain you as an employee. To learn more about up-to-date Ada County Employee Benefits click the below button:

To apply for an internship/externship with the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, one must be eligible for a limited practice license from the Idaho Supreme Court, have completed courses in Criminal Law and Rules of Evidence, and express an interest in full-time prosecution work following graduation from law school. A Criminal Division intern/extern will spend over 50% of his or her time in court. A Criminal Division intern/extern will represent Ada County at magistrate arraignments, motion arguments, misdemeanor, and infraction court trials and misdemeanor jury trials. Interns/externs will also be called upon to assist senior deputies in research and writing of court briefs. Civil Division interns/externs are assigned projects independently and in conjunction with civil deputies. Civil Division interns/externs are exposed to all facets of civil litigation. Courtroom appearances by civil interns are rare.

The Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office conducts its interviews with students in the late summer/early fall of their second year of law school for internship/externship positions for the following summer.

If you’re interested in interning or externing at our office, contact us at 208 287-7700 or Email Us.