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Please submit via e-mail to acbs@ or mail to ACBS, P O Box 2780, Boise, ID 83701

Authorization for billing to a Tenant, Property Manager or other Agent:

  • Residential billings are mailed to the property owner of record unless otherwise authorized in writing.
  • To have bills mailed to a party other than the owner, (such as a tenant or property manager) complete, sign and return the Owner Authorization for Billing to a 2nd Party (see link below).
  • If signing the authorization on behalf of the property owner as Manager or Agent, please also return a copy of the first and signature page(s) of the management agreement authorizing you to do so.
  • Delinquent trash bills may be certified to the property tax roll, creating a first priority non-dischargeable property lien.  If a tenant or agent fails to pay the bill, the owner is responsible for payment of the delinquency and associated collection fees.


Owner Authorization for billing to 2nd Party

Authorization for Quarterly Auto-Payment from your Bank Account:

  • To initiate deductions from your bank account for payment of your trash bill, complete, sign and return the authorization form below (along with a copy of your “voided” check).
  • Quarterly automatic payments for Residential trash service will be deducted from your bank account on AUGUST 10th, NOVEMBER 10th , FEBRUARY 10th & MAY 10th
  • Monthly automatic payments for Commercial trash service will be deducted from your bank account on the 25th of each month.


ACH Authorization

Request for Waiver of Residential Services – utilizing Commercial Account:

  • If you use a commercial dumpster account to regularly dispose of household waste in compliance with Ada County’s mandatory residential trash service, you may apply for a waiver of residential curbside service.
  • To apply for a waiver, please complete, sign and return the Commercial Service for Residential Premises form below.


Commercial service for residential Premises

Service and/or Payment Waivers:

A residential customer may apply for an exemption due to extreme and unusual circumstances (i.e. military service, institutionalization, extended hospital admission, uninhabitable premises, etc.) or due to other financial hardship by completing the application available through the Ada County Department of Indigent Services.  Such application shall be submitted to the Department of Indigent Services prior to consideration by the Board of Ada County Commissioners.  If approved by the board, the exemption is valid for one year from the date of approval.  Upon expiration of one year, the residential customer may submit a new application.

Financial Hardship Waiver

To apply for exemption from payment for trash service based upon inability to pay for the service, please fully complete the Application below and return it to:

Ada County Department of Indigent Services,
252 E Front Street, Suite 199
Boise, ID  83701

If approved by the Board of Ada County Commissioners, the exemption is valid for one year from the date of approval.  Upon expiration of one year, the residential customer may submit a new application.

Extraordinary Circumstances (not financial)

If unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances exist to prevent you from participating in curbside residential service, the Board of Ada County Commissioners will review your request and determine if a waiver is in order.  This application should be used only for circumstances unrelated to financial hardship.  Service waivers are usually limited to one year and must be renewed annually.


Application for Exemption from Mandatory Trash Ordinance – Extraordinary Circumstances

Waiver of Carryout Service Rate (ADA):

Customers who have qualified for temporary or permanent disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act may receive “carry-out service” at no additional charge.   Medical verification required – Standard Service Rates apply.


Please contact Republic Services at 208-345-1265 to enroll.

Alternate Compliance Waiver

Customers who haul their own trash to the landfill each week may present weekly landfill receipts as proof of compliance with the ordinance in lieu of paying the trash bill.   Upon receiving the quarterly billing, return the trash bill payment coupon along with copies of weekly landfill receipts for the prior three months to receive a waiver of charges.   No application for this waiver is required as it is based upon quarterly provided proof of alternate compliance.