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Education and Outreach

The goal of the Ada County Weed, Pest & Mosquito Abatement Education and Outreach Program is to increase public awareness of weed, pest and mosquito issues throughout Ada County, and to inform taxpayers of the services the county provides to address these issues.

An increase in public awareness will:

  • Help to identify problems early, before issues become difficult to control.
  • Educate the public on ways in which they can help prevent and control weed, pest and mosquito problems themselves.
  • Increase transparency on county efforts to control weed, pest and mosquito issues.
Outreach table and bus information

We reach out to our community as a source of information through a variety of outlets, including:

  • Public events, such as: county fairs, parades and trade shows.
  • Classroom activities in partnership with Ada County schools.
  • Facebook and Twitter social media channels.
  • Educational presentations to special interest groups.

To discuss a potential opportunity to partner with Ada County Weed, Pest & Mosquito Abatement District for an event or educational opportunity, please contact the Program & Education Specialist, Sam Brockway, with your inquiry at (208) 577-4646.