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Tax Deed Sales

Tax Deed Auctions for Ada County are managed by Bid4Assets, Inc. You must register to bid at Bid4Assets.

A list of real estate properties available and detailed information regarding important dates, deadlines, and how to make bids can be found on the Bid4Assets site.

Bid4Assets is one of the first-to-market and most successful online real estate auction sites operating today. Bid4Assets auctions below market value real estate and personal property for private investors, government agencies, and a growing list of counties throughout the United States. Since 1999, Bid4Assets has sold over 70,000 properties nationwide. In October, 2010, Bid4Assets hosted one of the largest online real estate auctions in the history of the United States– over 13,000 properties, located in Wayne County, Michigan, were auctioned due to unpaid real estate taxes. Bid4Assets is positioned to grow rapidly in the coming months as it works to revamp its website and offer more services to buyers and sellers that result in successfully closing real estate transactions for value priced real estate.

Results of Recent Tax Deed Auction – July 26 – 29, 2019

R5713970020 8221 W. Holbrook, Boise SOLD – $160,100.00
R5983390040 143 N. Alto Via Ct., Boise SOLD – $28,100.00
R5983390050 159 N. Alto Via Ct., Boise FORFEITED
R5983390060 177 N. Alto Via Ct., Boise FORFEITED
R5983440010 270 N. Strata Via Ct., Boise FORFEITED
R8275810330 W. Berwick Dr., Boise SOLD – $1,100.00
R5983390030 140 N. Alto Via Ct., Boise FORFEITED