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Online Property Search

If you’re looking for property tax information you can perform an online search through the Assessor’s Website by parcel number, address or subdivision name. Prior to completing your search you’ll be directed to the Terms and Conditions for using this online tool. If you accept, you’ll be provided with the following information:

  • Parcel Number
  • Zone Code
  • Total Acres
  • Tax Code Area
  • Property Description
  • Valuation Details
  • Valuation History
  • Tax Districts
  • Characteristics
  • Assessed Value
  • Interactive Map (if available)
  • Current Year Total Tax Charge
  • Historical Tax Charges

Tax Status (Current or *Delinquent) – Delinquent Amount calculated to date shown on screen

*For information on paying delinquent taxes,  please call the Treasurer’s office at 208-287-6800 to obtain the correct payoff amount or email to [email protected].