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DecorativeThe Investment Policy of Ada County applies to all operating funds, bond proceeds and other funds which are accounted for in the financial statements of Ada County. The current policy is approved under Resolution No. 1755 and is governed under Idaho Code, Title 57.  The policy is reviewed every (2) years or more frequently as appropriate.

Depending on the time of year, the Ada County Treasurer manages an investment portfolio that ranges in value between $140-$220 million dollars. The primary goals of all investment activities involving the financial assets of Ada County are based upon the following order of priority:

  1. Safety of Principal
  2. Maintain the liquidity necessary to match expected liabilities
  3. Obtain a reasonable rate of return

The Treasurer may invest in instruments approved under Idaho Code which meet maturity and credit quality requirements. When possible, the Treasurer shall diversify the County’s investment portfolio to help eliminate the risk of loss resulting from over concentration.

For more information regarding current investments, a rate of returns or other information, please feel free to give us a call 208-287-6800.

The Ada County Treasurer’s office seeks qualified broker-dealers to purchase and sale of securities in accordance with Idaho Code  § 57-127,  § 57-127A§ 57-128, and § 67-1210.

The purpose of the following procedure is to establish a limited amount of qualified broker-dealers to assist the Ada County Treasurer with investment activities. This list of qualified brokers will be reviewed annually. There are a number of spots available for broker-dealers.


To be considered as a Broker-Dealer for Ada County, please complete the following form:  IP Checklist and RFI

Questions regarding this qualification form should be directed to Ben Chilanga at [email protected]