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Community Transition

The Community Transition program is currently suspended indefinitely as the Ada County Sheriff’s Office is helping to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Anyone with questions should call (208) 577-3460.


The Ada County Work Release Program allows some participants to live in a separate detention facility and be released each day to go to their jobs in the community.

When participants are not at work, they must be at the Community Transition Center. Participants who perform well in the program can earn three hours of free time on Sunday afternoons to visit their families in the community and conduct personal business. Participants serving time in the program must park in the parking lot directly across from the Community Transition Center.

Eligibility Requirements for the Work Release Program

  • Participants must be court ordered to “All Options” or “Work Release.”
  • Any participants may be placed on electronic monitoring at the discretion of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Electronic monitoring is done by using the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and cellular technology to monitor where the participant is.
  • Participants’ employment must meet the following criteria :
    • Job sites must be within a 50 mile radius of the Community Transition Center.
    • The job site can not be at the participant’s personal residence.
    • Participants may work up to six days a week; no more than 16 hours per day.
    • The Ada County Sheriff’s Office must be able to verify employment and be allowed to perform on-site job checks.
    • Employers must be registered with the State of Idaho and or have, if required, the appropriate state, county, or city business license.
    • Employers may not be under investigation or charged with any criminal activities.
    • Participant must receive reported income.


    • $25.00 a day or sliding fee determined by federal guidelines.
    • If GPS is required, a contracting agency charges $8 a day, to be paid directly to the agency.

For more details about rules and regulations of the program,checkout our Work Release Handbook.