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Reserve Deputies

Ada County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputies are citizens who volunteer their time to the community. They perform many of the same duties that paid deputies perform including responding to 911 calls, making traffic stops, and working in the jail.

All reserves must attend the ACSO Reserve Academy that provides the Reserve candidate with 162 hours of stringent classroom training. After graduating from the academy, a Reserve Deputy will continue to receive on-going training while working at the Sheriff’s Office.

If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, the Human Resources Section will notify you, by email, when the program is accepting applications.


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How much money does a Reserve Deputy make?

The position of Reserve Deputy is a volunteer position, so it is unpaid.

What is the selection process for the Reserve program?

The selection process for the Reserve Deputy Program is virtually as stringent as the selection process for our full-time commissioned positions. All applicants will go through a complete selection process to include a physical agility assessment, a written exam, and an oral board interview. If selected by the interview board for further processing, the applicant would then go through a polygraph examination, a background investigation, and a medical examination.

What can I do to prepare for testing?

It is recommended that applicants prepare for the physical agility testing by continually improving their physical fitness. For the oral board, basic interviewing preparation is recommended. For the written test, any common publication on entrance law enforcement testing can be beneficial.

Is there an evaluation or test at the end of the Reserve Academy?

Yes. Applicants are reviewed throughout the academy on their performance, attendance, and conduct. At the completion of the course, all Reserve Deputies must pass the POST-administered Reserve Deputy written exam. Failure to pass this test will result in being eliminated from the Reserve Program.

How much time is a Reserve required to contribute after graduating from the academy?

The ACSO Program requires a minimum of 10 hours per month and attendance at one meeting per month.

Where do Reserve Deputies work in the Sheriff's Office?

Reserve Deputies assist in many different areas of the Sheriff’s Office. They assist in Patrol, Jail Transports, Detectives, and the Breath Testing program along with community events.

Will I be able to become a full-time deputy?

Many Reserve Deputies do become full-time employees at the Sheriff’s Office. Reserve Deputies can apply for positions as they become available.

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