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Death of Ronie Parrott appears to be a homicide

Detectives want to talk to anyone who was with — or knows anything about — Ronie Parrott in the days leading up to and through Aug. 25.

That’s the last time Ronie Parrott was seen before she was killed.

Detectives are investigating Parrott’s death as a homicide and pursuing several significant leads in the case.

They have identified who was with Ronie Parrott in the days prior to her death and want to make sure they have found everybody who has information on what happened.

A woman walking her dogs on Sunset Peak Road north of Boise on Feb. 13 found human remains in the remote Foothills area, about a mile past the Bureau of Land Management gate that closes the road to vehicles during the winter.

Those remains turned out to be 42-year-old Ronie Parrott, who was publicly identified as a missing person by the Boise Police in September.

Detectives say evidence indicates Parrott’s body had been in the Foothills since late August.

Ronie Parrott was last seen just after 11 p.m., Aug. 25th, at the Maverik store at 27th and Main streets in Boise, where she bought some soda.

Ronie Parrott was also seen at the Jacksons Food Store at the corner of 8th and Fort streets around noon on Aug. 25 and on a bicycle by 28th and State streets on the afternoon of Aug. 24.

Officials with the Ada County Coroner’s Office are still waiting on the results of evidence testing, so an official cause and manner of death is not yet established.

Specific information about the cause of death — or where it happened — will not be released at this point in the investigation.

If you have any information about Ronie Parrott, contact ACSO detectives at 577-3723 or 577-3718. You can also email information to