"Caller ID spoofing" is on the rise in Ada County - Ada County Sheriff

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“Caller ID spoofing” is on the rise in Ada County

Here’s a tip that’ll help keep Ada County residents from being victimized by the latest phone scam.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office deputies – or any other Ada County employee — will never call you and ask for a credit card number.

You may have noticed lately phone spammers are getting pretty good at using local numbers (208 area code) – or maybe even specific phone numbers of people you know — to get you to pick up.

Then they try to sell you something, or pitch you a service, or claim you owe somebody money. Then ask for a credit card number.

The process is called “caller ID spoofing” and it’s getting more and more prevalent. The calls can appear to come from local businesses, a government agency, or even friends — but it’s really someone else trying to sell something or figure out some other way to get your money.

This type of “spoofing” is similar to the jury duty and IRS scam calls Ada County citizens have been plagued with for the last several years.

People can protect themselves from becoming victims by never giving out any personal information when getting an unsolicited phone call.

Giving out sensitive information over the phone — both personal and financial — can put people at risk for fraud.

If you have received one of these scam phone calls, contact the Ada County Sheriff’s Office at 377-6790 or the Better Business Bureau online at BBB.org.