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ACSO arrest list, jail roster restored after software upgrade

It took a little bit longer than we hoped but the Ada County Sheriff’s Office daily arrest list and jail rosters are back online – which is good news for the thousands of people who check them out every day.

We are still working on restoring our active warrants page but hope to restore that service soon. Temporarily losing the arrest and jail roster sites was part of the brand-new operation and management software upgrade for the Ada County Jail we began in August.

The jail software upgrade occurred right after we installed brand-new software for our 911 Emergency Dispatch system earlier this year.

The excellent news is that our 911 and jail systems now have badly needed technological upgrades — and we have state-of-the art software for both patrol and jail employees across the ACSO.

We understand how important a resource those pages are to the public. We just want to say thank you to everyone who waited patiently as we worked to restore that service.

The new IJ5 jail management software upgrade happened the same time the 4th District Court has adapted Odyssey — a new court records management system.

When this is all done and the new software systems — 911 dispatch, jail records, courts — are all working together, it will be an efficient and integrated public safety system, better than anything Ada County has had in the past.

The plan is to have all the systems working together by November. Law enforcement, fire agencies, emergency medical services and court officials will have the most efficient and state-of-the-art computer systems, able to exchange information far more efficiently than ever before.