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No Contact Order

A No Contact Order can only be imposed as part of a criminal case. The judge may issue a No Contact Order in a pending criminal case, or as part of any sentence imposed in a criminal case. There is no charge to the victim or defendant for a No Contact Order.

Offenders who are arrested for any felony charge, or a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, stalking, violation of a No Contact Order, or violation of a Protection Order, will appear before a judge the next business day after the arrest at 1:30 PM in the Ada County Courthouse. The judge at that time will arraign the offender, set a bond, and decide whether to impose a No Contact Order. If the offender was arrested for an outstanding warrant for which a bond was set, the offender will appear in court the following day only if he or she does not bond out. In the event the offender bonds out, a No Contact Order will not issue at the time he or she bonds, the judge can issue a no-contact order at the next appearance date.

The terms of a No Contact Order vary depending upon the judge’s order. You should not attempt to contact the offender when there is a No Contact Order in place unless there is a specific provision in the order that allows contact. If there are multiple No Contact Orders and/or Protection Orders or any combination of the two, the offender must abide by the most restrictive provisions of those orders.

A violation of a No Contact Order is a crime. You should report any violation of a No Contact Order to the police.

Modifying the No Contact Order

Only the judge can “lift” or modify a No Contact Order. If you are the protected party, you may request that the judge lift or modify the No Contact Order. You must complete a form titled “Motion to Lift or Modify the No Contact Order.” You can obtain this paperwork on the first floor of the Ada County Courthouse at the clerk’s office, 200 West Front Street. The Court will set a hearing on your Motion. At the hearing, the judge may ask you questions about lifting or modifying the No Contact Order. After hearing from you, the State, and the defense, the judge will make a decision regarding the No Contact Order.