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Domestic Violence Unit

Estimates are that a woman is battered every nine seconds in the United States. The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office views domestic violence as a serious threat to the safety and welfare of our citizens. This Office is committed not only to holding offenders accountable for their actions, but to providing victims with the services they need to begin the healing process. Greg Bower, the Ada County Prosecutor, implemented a Domestic Violence Unit within the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office in July, 2003. The Domestic Violence Unit provides a dedicated effort that is committed to addressing the problem of domestic violence in our community.

After a police report is filed, it is forwarded to the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office. The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office reviews that police report. If there is enough evidence to prove the case, the Prosecutor, on behalf of the State of Idaho, will file the case in criminal court.

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Domestic violence is a serious crime that should not be tolerated, minimized, or mediated. For those reasons, the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office will not dismiss criminal charges based solely upon the victim’s request. It is the prosecutor, not the victim, who files charges. Therefore, only the prosecutor can dismiss a criminal case.

Who can Domestic Violence victims call for help?

Call 911 for help in an emergency situation. There are many programs in Ada County to assist you. Please contact our Office for further information or assistance: