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To apply for an internship/externship with the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, one must be eligible for a limited practice license from the Idaho Supreme Court, have completed courses in Criminal Law and Rules of Evidence, and express an interest in full-time prosecution work following graduation from law school. A Criminal Division intern/extern will spend over 50% of his or her time in court. A Criminal Division intern/extern will represent Ada County at magistrate arraignments, motion arguments, misdemeanor, and infraction court trials and misdemeanor jury trials. Interns/externs will also be called upon to assist senior deputies in research and writing of court briefs. Civil Division interns/externs are assigned projects independently and in conjunction with civil deputies. Civil Division interns/externs are exposed to all facets of civil litigation. Courtroom appearances by civil interns are rare.

The Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office conducts its interviews with students in the late summer/early fall of their second year of law school for internship/externship positions for the following summer.

You may contact Jim Dickinson, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for internships and Tamera Kelly, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for externships at (208) 287-7700 or