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Event Center FAQ

What do you supply, besides the room?

In addition to the beautiful space, The Barber Park Education and Event Center supplies all of the tables and chairs, sound system, microphones, DVD and CD player that you will need for your wedding or special event. For a full list of our features and amenities.

Who provides the food?

You may choose the caterer of your choice or do it yourself. A list of caterers and other support vendors can be found here.

Does the building have a kitchen for users to use during events?

The building has a prep room with refrigerator and ice machine. The prep room does not have any cooking appliances. The ice machine is kept locked you simply need to call the event attendant when you need ice. You will need to bring your own containers to put the ice in.

What about the bar? Can I bring my own alcohol beverages?

No, we do not allow client, guests or vendors to bring their own alcoholic beverages. If you would like to have alcohol at your wedding or event, we have a contracted bar service who can provide everything you’ll need. They offer hosted and non-hosted options as well as a combination of both. The bar has the necessary liability licensing and a professional staff of bartenders that will help make sure your wedding or event is a successful one.

Is there an insurance requirement?

Yes, the Barber Park Education and Event Center requires that all events are individually insured. If a user cannot supply the required insurance, we can order it for you. The required insurance fee is $100. This cost is included in the rental fee. All vendors are also required to supply $1,000,000 of liability insurance.

How much is the deposit and how do I request a rental date?

To request your date, simply submit the online application here. We will send you your contracts and paperwork for your review. You will have 30 days to return the contracts and the first half of the contract amount plus the $200 incidental deposit. The balance of the contract amount is due 30 days before your event. During the 30 days, while you are reviewing your contract, the date is challengeable. What does this mean? This means that someone can request the date also. This policy is in effect to prevent requests from clients that are scouting venues. If you are challenged, you will not be kicked off the date, we will contact you and you will have 48 hours to post your payment and contract.

What if we cancel our event, do we get our deposit back?

If the written notice is received at least sixty (60) days prior to the first day of Event, Renter forfeits twenty‑five percent (25%) of the Contract Amount.  If the written notice is received less than sixty (60) days prior to the first day of Event, any monies paid by Renter under this Contract shall be forfeited.

Can we get married there too?

Absolutely! We have had many happy couples hold their wedding ceremony at the Barber Park Education and Event Center. During times of the year when the weather is nice, couples have their ceremony on the large covered patio. During other times of the year, they hold their ceremony in front of the large rock fireplace in the main room. Depending on the number of guest you’ll have, we have various suggestions for the best set-up to accommodate both the ceremony and reception. More and more couples are saving money and transportation hassles by doing everything at one place.

If I’m getting married in the Barber Park Education and Event Center, can I have a rehearsal?

Of course! Rehearsals usually take place the morning of your wedding, or you can contact us the Monday prior to your event to see if you can have the rehearsal on a day other than your wedding day. We will accommodate the request as best we can around other events that are scheduled. There is a $50 per hour charge for all events needing access to the inside of the facility. If you do schedule a time for inside the facility, it must be during our office hours. Rehearsals needing the patio only will not be charged the $50 per hour as long it is available. We do ask that you contact us the Monday prior to your event to let us know you would like to use the patio.

Is there a place for the bride to change or get ready before the wedding?

We have a Bride’s Room. The room has a mirror and vanity with lighting.

Can I decorate?

Yes, you can decorate the room. We ask that you do not use tacks, nails, staples, glue, hot glue or other adhesive or anything else that will leave a permanent mark in the room including tape of any kind on the walls and floors. We have six (6) wires with outlets down the center of the room so you can hang light weight items from the ceiling. Candles are welcome as long as they are in holders to catch the wax and are allowed to solidify at the end of the event before they are moved. Decorating occurs during the day you have rented the facility. If you would like to have access the day before, we ask that you contact us the Monday prior to your event and if the facility is not booked you can request access during our normal business hours for $50 per hour.

Is there an in house sound system, projector and screen that the building has for use?

The Barber Park Education and Event Center has an in-house sound system, a projector with a drop-down screen and microphones. All this is included with the rental of the facility.

Does the building have a dance floor?

The concrete floor is utilized as the dance floor. We do not have an additional surface that can be added to the existing floor to create a dance floor.

Does the building have natural light and windows?

Yes, the building has floor to ceiling windows and glass doors on the east, west and north sides. The building was designed with nature in mind. 

When do I have access to the building?

Access is 8am for weekday events and noon for weekends and must include setup, event, and teardown of the event within the contracted times. If you choose our 5 hour special rate (only available Monday – Wednesday)  all setup, event and teardown must occur within the 5 hours.

Who unlocks the building and locks up after the event?

We have an Event Attendant on duty during your entire rental period. We ask that you have a designated agent on site to accept deliveries. While you may have people in and out during the day of your event, we do not advise leaving anything valuable in the room, unsupervised. The Barber Park Education and Event Center cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Who supplies linens and table service for the tables?

You supply the linens and table service. The caterer you choose may be able to supply them or you can rent them from a rental company.

Who sets up the tables and chairs for my event?

We will set up the inside of the building according to your submitted floor plan. Our staff will take down the tables and chairs when they clean after your event. Items placed on the patio will be your responsibility of the renter to setup and bring back in.

How do I decide how to set up for the event?

We would be happy to meet with you and help you decide on the best set up for your wedding or special event. You can also meet with your hired vendors to discuss it. A worksheet and floor plan link is sent to you approximately 60 days prior to your event. If you would like it sooner let the Booking Coordinator know and we can send it to you earlier. You will need to submit the worksheet first; questions on there are linked to the floor plan.

Who cleans up the room after our event?

You are responsible for sweeping or mopping up any big spills, taking the tied trash bags to the dumpster located outside of the prep room. Wiping down counters in the prep room or you can arrange for your caterer to clean up the prep room. Any items that you have brought into the room i.e.; decorations, photos, business meeting materials, etc. must be taken out when you leave. It is important to honor the official ending time of your event in order for us to accommodate the needs of the event booked the next day. The Barber Park Education and Event Center will not be held responsible for any items left after your event.

What if I rent items?

You are responsible to make sure that the rental company comes back for the items that night or
you must take them with you. The Barber Park Education and Event Center will not be held responsible for any items left after your event.

Where do people park?

We have around 200 parking spots around the facility as well as a large grass parking field. If your event is held during the floating season the parking charges are in effect for your event. You have two (2) options, you can have the parking tallied and pay for your guest or you can have your guests pay for their own parking. Parking is $5 Monday-Thursday and $6 Friday-Sunday and holidays. We also encourage having a shuttle service during this time, we will not charge them to come in.

Will someone from the Barber Park Education and Event Center staff be on location during my event?

Yes, we have an Event Attendant on staff during your entire rental period.

We are a non-profit organization. Do you give a price break?

No, but we do have special rates for Monday-Wednesday. Please contact the Booking Coordinator for more details.

Yes! We want to book a date at the Barber Park Education and Event Center, what do we do now?

Go to our website and fill out the rental application. You can check our online calendar for available dates. Remember, during the 30 day period before we receive your contracts and first payment, the date will be tentatively held. During this period the date is challengeable. If your date is challenged, we will contact you and you will have 48 hours to post the contracts and the first payment. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit has been received, your date will be held for your event.